Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Once Upon A Time- Episode Analysis (The Stable Boy)

Really, Regina?  THAT’S why you had it out for Snow White this whole time?  Okay sure, it was pretty boneheaded of her to go blabbing about you and Daniel to Cora, particularly after you warned her about your psychotic mother.  I won’t deny that.   But… shouldn’t you, I don’t know, be angrier at the woman who manipulated a ten-year-old girl’s feelings about losing a mother?  You know, the woman who actually killed the guy you loved?  You knew perfectly well how your mother was coco for cocoa puffs.  You’ve known that for what must have been your whole life.   (Seriously, this woman makes the stereotypical overcritical soccer mom look good.)  But Snow didn’t know what Cora really was.  How could she?  I mean, the cumulative amount of time they’d spent together at this point was, what, five minutes?  Put credit where credit is due, lady!  Yes, I understand you’re upset and heartbroken about losing Daniel, and you have every right to be.  But this happened when Snow was 10.  Seeing as she’s now an adult, sometime has passed.  Add the 28 years the curse has been in effect to that, and you get, what, 48 years, give or take?  You’d think that at some point during that time, your anger would have lessened just slightly enough for you to get some perspective.  But then again, what do I know?  Anyway, it was beautifully tragic to see Regina’s interactions with the young Snow White, and how they clearly could have been friends if circumstances hadn’t gotten in the way and messed it all up.  (How ironic was it that it was Regina of all people who first educated Snow about true love?)

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, August steps forward to help Emma locate evidence that proves Mary Margret’s innocence.  (Here, we also get our first clue that something is wrong with August when his leg starts to bother him.)  With Henry acting as a lookout, the pair sneak into Regina’s garage and find a broken shovel that matches a shovel fragment they uncovered in the hole where Kathryn’s heart was found.  But when Emma comes back with a search warrant to legally find the broken shovel, she finds that the shovel had been removed.  Reasonably frustrated, she lashes out at August, believing that he’d betrayed her by tipping Regina off.  Without that crucial bit of evidence, as well as Mary Margret’s disastrous meeting with the DA (oh, so you’ve got King George’s Storybrooke counterpart to interview her, Regina?  As in, the person who shares your distain for Snow White?  Well, this just gets better and better, doesn’t it?), Emma cannot do anything to keep Mary Margret from being taken to trial.  To add insult to injury, Emma then discovers Sidney Glass had placed a bug in her office, hidden within a vase of flowers, and realizes that was how Regina was tipped off that they knew about the shovel.  Contrite, Emma seeks out August to apologize for doubting him.  At that moment, Ruby finds a very alive Kathryn in the alleyway behind Granny’s Diner.  Which, of course, is going to help throw the whole case against Mary Margret out.  How can you have murdered someone who isn’t dead?

So, was Regina right in blaming Snow for what happened to Daniel?  I suppose it depends on who you ask, but I personally think it was a tad unreasonable of Regina to carry around her grudge for so long.  Yes, Snow was wrong to break her promise about keeping the secret, but she was a ten year old girl, and no matter which way you look at it, Cora manipulated her into sharing the secret by taking advantage of her childlike naivety.  Besides, Regina and Daniel could have run away right after Snow White found out about them.  What was stopping them from leaving that very night?  The scene with Snow and Cora seemed to be taking place during the daytime, which gave me the impression that Regina didn’t cut and run right after her conversation with Snow White and waited until the following evening to try and leave with Daniel.  I can understand Regina might have wanted to say goodbye to her father, seeing as he’s the parent who obviously, unlike Cora, loves her unconditionally, but she could have left him a note.  It couldn’t have been because she was hoping to get Cora’s approval, because I’m sure Regina knew that was never going to happen.  Again, what was stopping them from setting off that very night?

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